Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Operation Integrity 2016 Year-End Update

 Operation Integrity 2016 Year-End Update                                
With deep appreciation for your prayers and support in 2016, I present our year-end update.
·        Operation Integrity continues to serve 3 churches in CA while supporting Christ-centered recovery efforts in 8 States with new starts in Austin TX & Albuquerque NM.
·        OI continues to mentor private recovery meetings across the U.S. and beyond – with groups at a seminary in the UK and two home fellowships in Australia, and our books OUR JOURNEY HOME & WHEN LOST MEN COME HOME, NOT FOR MEN ONLY are now being used in Johannesburg South Africa.
·        We continue providing affordable recovery programs through our 45 Day Intensive & 90 Day Transformation.
·        I continue to work personally with Pastors and Clergy in Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas and Canada, The United Kingdom, Greece and Australia.
·        3700+ people read Operation Integrity Weekly.
·        Operation Integrity wrote a book used in-house by a southern California mental health organization.
·        Operation Integrity wrote content for an 8-part video series produced by a national addiction treatment program.
2017 brings a new emphasis to our work — blending a Christ-centered message with proven clinical tools and the proven effectiveness of 12–Step communities. It looks like this:
Operation Integrity collects essential information from Christ-teaching, well-proven clinical & professional understanding and the essential wisdom of 12 Step teaching and community.
Operation Integrity formats this blended information to offering it to help guide and inspire Christian communities better understand addicted people within their community, assist clinical professionals do what they cannot otherwise do (community and spiritual development) and helping 12 Step participants better integrate their 12 Step addiction recovery effort with a Christ-centered perspective.                                            
The result is an integrated process-driven program that provides Education, Community, Combined 12-Step and counseling/therapy (The Inner Journey) — all leading to Christ-centered emotional and spiritual health. This work will be presented through speaking and writing, and woven into our fellowship group program, and encouraged as an essential recovery experience for individuals.
The result will look like this.
Three primary applications of education, community, the inner journey, all leading to sustainable spiritual formation.
1.     Communications, Writing and Public presentation information/inspiration relevant to addiction recovery
2.     Coaching/mentoring recovery fellowships (recovery groups and fellowships) using OI literature
3.     Promote OI process for individuals - 12 Step and discipleship based
What Operation Integrity Needs - a short list of current challenges and opportunities for 2017.
·       Refunding The Roger M Fund (provides funding for 45 & 90 Day Programs)
·       Meet current support needs – my personal financial support for doing this work.
·       Fund additional printing of literature for Prison Chaplain support efforts (supplying OI literature to inmates through chaplains)
·       General overhead including shipping and postage costs, vehicle and travel expenses, communications, social networking and online costs, and non-reimbursable travel.
·       Client services which includes short-term care of individuals such as temporary housing (sober-living), and even sometimes help with food and clothing, as well as employer relations and family support and counseling. 
·       Print and ship literature in support of developing recovery groups in U.S and overseas.
How You Can Be Part of Operation Integrity in 2017
Operation Integrity must raise $34,700.00 to finish 2016 on target, giving us a strong start for 2017. I ask that you financially support our efforts. (All donations to Operation Integrity are tax deductible.)
I thank you personally in advance for your contributions. Most of all I thank you for your ongoing support through prayer.
There are two ways you can financially support Operation Integrity.
1. Visit us at to make a donation.
2. Mail your check to Operation Integrity
24040 Camino del Avion #A115
Monarch Beach CA 92629
Yours in Christ and recovery,
David Zailer
Executive Director
Follow Operation Integrity on Facebook, & Twitter @opintegrity

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