Monday, November 23, 2015

Operation Integrity 2015 Year End Update

Operation Integrity 2015 Year End Update                            


With deep appreciation for your prayerful and financial support, I present our 2015 year-end update. Always true to the Operation Integrity mission, I (with many passionate OI participants) spent 2015 diligently working to help people recover from addiction, leading to radical life transformation.


  • Operation Integrity fellowships continue helping men, women and families, escape the destructive behaviors and isolation of addiction, moving toward honest and transparent relationships — Coast Hills Church, Lifelines at The Crossing Church, Mariners Recovery Ministry at Mariners Church, all in California, while mentoring Christ-centered recovery efforts in Texas, Colorado, Oregon, North Carolina and Nebraska, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky.  
  • We continue mentoring private recovery meetings across the U.S. and beyond – with new groups starting at a seminary in the UK, and two home fellowships in Australia. Our literature bringing understanding where there had been confusion and anger. And we continue mentoring private recovery groups for pastors and clergy that were launched in 2014.
  • Our books, Our Journey Home and When Lost Men Come Home, not for men only are making a difference in the lives of addicted men and women, and their families.
  • We are providing affordable recovery programs through our 45 Day Intensive & 90 Day Transformation programs; collaborating with counselors, therapists, churches, and treatment centers.
  • I spent the first half of 2015 speaking locally and nationally but cancelled travel for the second half of 2015 to heal after a sports mishap. Travel plans for 2016 are developing and will be announced.
  • We continue helping Pastors and Clergy in Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas and Canada, The United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, Croatia and Uganda. We have also expanded our clergy/professional assistance program to include counselors and therapists continue their personal growth and recovery amidst the overwhelming demands of their jobs.
  • 3600+ people read Operation Integrity Weekly.


Real People Results


This year, Stan (not his real name) came to Operation Integrity facing his personal troubles associated with his workaholism, which promoted use of pornography and massage parlors, addictions in and of themselves and all induced by overwhelming and mismanaged stress. He was 50 years old and had been working compulsively since his 30’s. He was hard working to a fault, a respected church attender, and he loved his wife and family; but he was out of control.


By working the OI Transformation Program and attending Operation Integrity meetings regularly, Stan has been able to bring his work life into healthy parameters. This has enabled him to attend a local marriage-counselling program with his wife to heal their relationship. He has been free from pornography and sinful destructive sexual behavior for 7 months. Most importantly, his attitude has changed. He has become a leader in experiencing God’s grace to the fullest and enthusiastically sharing it with others. The program that helped Stan was possible because of THE ROGER M. FUND, a scholarship fund dedicated to helping people who cannot afford the cost associated with their Operation Integrity program. Stan’s life changed because someone like you donated to Operation Integrity.




Heading Into 2016


Here is a short list of current challenges and opportunities for 2016.

  • Refunding The Roger M Fund (the need here is immediate and great!)
  • Meet current employee obligations (payroll).
  • Fund additional printing of literature for Prison Chaplain support efforts (supplying OI literature to inmates through chaplains)
  • General overhead including shipping and postage costs, vehicle and travel expenses, communications, social networking and online costs, and non-reimbursable travel.
  • Client services which includes short-term care of individuals such as temporary housing (sober-living), and even sometimes help with food and clothing, as well as employer relations and family support and counseling. 
  • Print and ship literature in support of developing recovery groups overseas.
    How You Can Be A Part
    Operation Integrity must raise $38,500.00 to finish 2015 on target, giving us a healthy start for 2016. I ask that you financially support our efforts. (All donations to Operation Integrity are tax deductible.)
    I thank you personally in advance for your contributions. Most of all I thank you for your ongoing support through prayer.
    There are two ways you can financially support Operation Integrity.
    1. Visit us at to make a donation.
    2. Mail your check to             Operation Integrity
    24040 Camino del Avion #A115
    Monarch Beach CA 92629
    Yours in Christ and recovery,
    David Zailer
    Executive Director
    Follow Operation Integrity on Facebook, & Twitter @opintegrity

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