Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Becoming Aware
One suggestion I found helpful was to refer back to my personal inventory and review the journaling I produced after I admitted the exact nature of my wrongs to another man. When doing this, my journaling showed me how my beliefs resulted in patterns of actions and reactions. The more I understood these patterns, the more my character defects appeared in bold print. These questions helped me:
  • Have I had difficulty admitting to others my need for help?                                Pride
  • Have I been in debt or preferred my desires over someone else’s?                                      Greed
  • Have I gotten mad because someone else was more privileged than me?                              Envy
  • Have I lived out my life in a fearful way?                                Trusting more in myself than God
  • Have I compared my insides with the outward appearance of others?             Self-objectification
  • Have I looked at outside appearances, ignoring the feelings of others?     Lust & Objectification
  • Have I felt compelled to please others more than God?                                     Approval seeking
  • Have I been frustrated when others have not lived as I wanted them to?               Codependency
  • Have I feared to be alone?                                                          Emotional dependence on others
  • Have I or my family suffered from my work schedule?                                  Being a workaholic
  • Have I felt the need to keep certain facts about myself secret?                                    Dishonesty
  • Have I had habits of unhealthy eating?                                          
    Personal self-abuse
  • Have I procrastinated doing things I know should be done?                             Laziness
  • Have I believed my life would change without me changing?                          Fanciful Thinking
    Facing our character flaws in this manner shows we are seeing ourselves in a more honest way. Appreciate the deeper level of personal self-honesty you are capable of. You are heading in a good direction!

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