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While working to keep up my religious professions and church attendance, I struggled unsuccessfully to permanently stop using pornography which, in my case, promoted the use of alcohol and other drugs. In addition to alcohol, the drugs I used were cocaine and heroin, and I dabbled in methamphetamine on occasion. Finally, as is so often the case with those who use illegal drugs, I was arrested for my drug use and as an alternative to a prison sentence I was sent, fortunately, to a no-nonsense drug rehabilitation program. In this program I was monitored by urinalysis to make sure I was staying away from drugs, and I participated in group and individual counseling several times per week as required by the program. After about six weeks in the program, I was called into my counselor’s office, a gentleman by the name of Bobby O.
Face to face, he sat right across from me and said, "David, you profess to be a Christian, right?"
"Yeah," I replied.
He then asked, "Would you please tell me about your Jesus; tell me about your God?"
So I went on to tell him everything I knew about Jesus and God. This amounted to a two, maybe three-minute
historical accounting of what I had learned growing up in my church and Sunday School, the best I could remember it.
After a few minutes of patient listening, Bobby raised his hand to interrupt me and said, "Stop!" Then, looking me straight in the eye, he said, "David, I suggest that you find a new Jesus and a new God."
Feeling confused and quite offended, I asked him why.
And then, softly but very much to the point and once again looking me dead in the eye, Bobby said, "Well David, what you claim to know now hasn’t done you much good, has it?"
Shocked and speechless, I was unable to respond to Bobby in any way that seemed to make sense. The words he said to me made me feel as if I was left without a body, like I was the hole in a donut, like my whole life had just been swept off the table and crashed to the floor in pieces. I had no defense. The truth Bobby O spoke to me was so utterly true that I could not attack it or even get mad at it or him for saying it. What he said made my religious pride and arrogance evaporate into the nothing it had always been. With my ball of religious yarn unraveled, it was painfully obvious that the impersonal religious instruction I had grown up with had actually blocked me from knowing THE TRUE GOD. And this is where my personal miracle began.

The anguish of that moment, and seeing my folly of misguided beliefs, opened my heart and my mind to know THE SOURCE OF POWER which had given me life — THE SOURCE OF POWER that had protected me patiently as I squandered my life — THE POWER that was now offering me the possibility of a life worth living. Seeking God starts with admitting how little we know about God.
As absurd as it may sound, I believe that my addictions — the most core being my addiction to sex — are the second best thing that has ever happened to me. Somehow, while suffering the indignities that came from my addictions, a humble pliability took hold inside me. I was defeated inside and out. I’d had enough. I became desperate enough so that I was willing to try something new. I was ready to call on and trust something, SOMEONE bigger than me.

This is an excerpt from WHEN LOST MEN COME HOME, not for men only 

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