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While the yearnings of my soul have never disappeared, they have changed. In a deep and personal way, I am evermore aware of a relentless longing in my soul that is not fully satisfied, yet fulfilled when directed toward God in Christ. I am completed as I honor God as the Giver of Life, the Sustainer of Life, the One who by His nature is Life.

Recovery requires that we simplify our lives beginning with recognizing what is most core about us — our God-created spirituality. This spirituality — simplicity — can only be experienced when we live the life God offers us everyday. It is as simple as this: with God, life has infinite possibilities for good; without God, real goodness in life is impossible. Remembering this simple principle will transform everything we think, feel and do, molding us into the kind of people who live in private the same way we would if all eyes were on us.

 We must be motivated from within, not from without. We must live our lives before God, knowing that He sees all and that our reward will come from Him if we persist in doing what He has asked us to do.
Joyce Meyer

Our sponsors, spiritual directors and counselors have been and will continue to be important resources for us in recovery. They were my helpers in growth, but, while I have relied on them in many ways, they are not my resource or power for recovery and change. What they offered was good, but I need something more. As a “new man in Christ” identity grows in me, I take on a personal identity that is much more from the influence of God working deep within me than the good character qualities other people help me learn. I am learning not to confuse a teacher with The Teacher. Human teachers come and go, but God will never leave us or forsake us. I am His. We are His. He is ours for Eternity.

This is an excerpt from WHEN LOST MEN COME HOME, not for men only 

~ Copyright David Zailer, 2011

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