Monday, December 9, 2013

Operation Integrity 2013 Year End Update

Operation Integrity 2013 Year End Update                            

With deep gladness, I present to you the Operation Integrity year-end update for 2013. This past year brought significant growth, much of which was unplanned opportunities. True to our mission, we spent 2013 passionately working to help people recover from addiction, leading to radical life transformation.

·        Operation Integrity fellowships continue helping men, women and families, escape the destructive behaviors and isolation of addiction, moving toward honest and transparent relationships — Coast Hills Church, Lifelines at The Crossing Church, Capistrano Beach Church, all in California, along with Center City Church in Springfield MO and Tree of Life Church in Fairmont West Virginia host OI fellowships. And we mentor other fellowships in Irvine and Los Angeles, California, Atlanta Georgia, Abilene Texas, Tuscaloosa Alabama, and Sacramento California.

·        We continue mentoring private recovery meetings across the U.S. and beyond, our literature bringing understanding where there had been confusion and anger. And this past year we have assisted in the launch of 3 new private recovery groups for pastors and clergy.

·        Our books, Our Journey Home and When Lost Men Come Home, not for men only are making a difference in the lives of addicted men and women, and their families.

·        We are providing affordable recovery programs through our 45 Day Intensive & 90 Day Transformation programs; collaborating with counselors, therapists, churches, and treatment centers.

·        I have been speaking locally and around the U.S. — leading Operation Integrity gatherings and conferences in Fairmont West Virginia and southern California, with more scheduled for 2014.

·        Operation Integrity was in Leadership Magazine, Envision Magazine, Christianity Today, Covenant Eyes, Power for Living, and the Healing for The Soul Herald.

·        We are helping Pastors and Clergy in Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas and Canada, The United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, Croatia and Uganda. We have also adjusted our clergy assistance program to benefit counselors and therapists continue their personal growth and recovery amidst the overwhelming demands of their jobs.

·        Operation Integrity continues in Katharos Integrity Alliance, sharing resources and experience with similar ministries from around the U.S.

·        Operation Integrity Weekly is emailed to more than 3700 people each week.

Real People Results
Twice weekly I meet with a 42 year-old husband to be. This wonderful young man has been a leader in service at his church and in his profession, but struggled with addiction to alcohol, marijuana and pornography since adolescence. Keeping his struggle secret — he lived hijacked and alone for 25 years, his addiction threatening his future marriage, his career, and his relationship with the church he called home. Operation Integrity is giving him the help he needed, bringing him education, community, counseling, mentoring, and support. Today he is alcohol, drug, and porn free, his relationship with his fiancée and church is healing, his Christ-empowered freedom spreading throughout his life. His recovery is a living example to his church and others how a personal — not to be confused with religious — relationship with Christ is foundational, and that effective real world education, community, and counseling are indispensable in bringing deep healing to addicted people. This is just one example of how Operation Integrity is changing lives, there are hundreds more.

 Heading Into 2014

Already our plans have grown for 2014. Here is a short list of recent new opportunities — this list is sure to grow.

·       We will consult for a feature length Christ-centered film on how pornography plays a role in human trafficking and sexual slavery.

·       We have booked two full presentations with large churches in southern California where Operation Integrity will provide informational and inspirational communication on the reality of addiction in the lives of Christians and how we can help each other heal. We have already booked travel plans for early 2014 that need immediate funding.

·       Operation Integrity will host the annual Katharos Integrity Alliance Summit. Ministry leaders from around the U.S. will travel here to enjoy our weather, scenery and the leadership OI offers to other ministries.
How You Can Be A Part
We started our fund raising efforts early this year because of the unexpected expansion in our work, but we still need to raise $29,000.00 to finish 2013 on target, and give us a healthy start for 2014. I ask that you financially support our efforts. (Your donation to Operation Integrity is tax deductible.) I thank you personally in advance for your contributions, and most of all I thank you for your ongoing support through prayer.

There are two convenient ways you can financially support Operation Integrity.
1. Visit us at to make a donation.
2. Mail your check to Operation Integrity,
                                   24040 Camino del Avion #A115
                                   Monarch Beach CA 92629

Yours in Christ and recovery,

David Zailer
Executive Director

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