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Operation Integrity 2013 Summer Update                                          
Last year brought amazing growth to Operation Integrity. Operation Integrity’s work helping people recover from addiction, leading to radical life transformation — grew in southern California, across the United States, and beyond. All made possible by your prayers and financial support. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and I thank God!

·        Operation Integrity fellowship groups continue helping men, women and families escape enslaving addictions and move toward honest and transparent relationships. Coast Hills Church, Lifelines at The Crossing Church, Capistrano Beach Church and Center City Church in Springfield MO host OI groups. Additionally, OI is mentoring recovery groups in Fairmont WV, Abilene TX, Atlanta GA, Sacramento and Los Angeles CA. OI is also coaching pastors and mental health care workers in Canada, Uganda, The Philippines, and The UK to develop addiction recovery ministries in their home churches and communities.

·        Our Journey Home and When Lost Men Come Home, not for men only are making a difference in many lives. I am writing a new book that will bring education on the human reality of addiction, help people connect with effective recovering communities, convey the importance of personal 12 Step work coupled with counseling/therapy, and the effectiveness of Spiritual Formation in long-term growth and recovery.

·        OI continues to provide affordable recovery programs through our 45 Day Intensive & 90 Day Transformation programs; collaborating with counselors, therapists, churches, and substance abuse treatment centers.
·        I have been speaking locally and around the U.S. — leading Operation Integrity gatherings at local churches and Lifelines at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa CA.
·        Operation Integrity was in Leadership Magazine, Envision Magazine, Christianity Today, Covenant Eyes, Power for Living, and the Healing for The Soul Herald. I was personally interviewed for online articles by Covenant Eyes, and on The Joy In My House Radio Show.
·        OI is helping Pastors and Clergy recover from their own addictions in Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Missouri, Texas and Canada as well as southern California.
·        Operation Integrity became a founding member in Katharos, sharing resources and experience with similar ministries, meeting with Katharos participants again in Houston TX in July.
·        Operation Integrity Weekly goes out to more than 3600 people each week.

Real Life Results

Fred (not his real name) is a 58-year-old father of four, married for 29 years, who struggled enslaved to pornography addiction for many years. He was a pillar in his family and church, always keeping his struggle secret, always drifting deeper into shame and isolation. The community and literature of Operation Integrity provided the resources and support to help him admit his vulnerability, become honest with his wife and move out of the isolation that emotionally strangled him. He is celebrating his 4th year in OI and his 4th year of freedom from pornography addiction.

Stacy (not her real name) is a 21 year-old woman who’s struggled with substance abuse and addictions. She has a great heart and is full of determination and tenacity. But, like addiction will do for any of us, it turned her best character traits against her. Operation Integrity is there for her, offering her a turning point through education, community, counseling, mentoring, and family support. Through OI, she has the opportunity to experience Christ empowered freedom, bringing health and balanced perspectives to her thinking and living, empowering her to address the underlying issues that trigger her desire to be intoxicated.

These are just two examples of how Operation Integrity is changing lives. To date, Operation Integrity has helped over 1000 men and women just in southern California alone. There is no real way to know for sure how many have benefitted in total, but we can safely assume it is well into the several thousands.

What We Need From You

Summer is a time when most non-profits like Operation Integrity see a drop in their financial support. However, at Operation Integrity our needs are increasing significantly this summer. There are several travel trips for me and my work at Operation Integrity that need funding, as well as our ongoing operations and the support needed for my salary, which sometimes goes unpaid. God has always met my personal needs of course and I know He will continue to do so.

I ask that you financially support Operation Integrity. (A tax deductible donation.) I thank you personally for your financial contributions, but most of all I thank you for your ongoing support through prayer.

There are two convenient ways you can financially support Operation Integrity.

1. Visit us at to make a donation.
2. Mail your check to Operation Integrity
                                   24040 Camino del Avion #A115
                                   Monarch Beach CA 92629.

Yours in Christ and recovery,

David Zailer
Executive Director
Operation Integrity - Helping people recover from addiction, leading to radical life transformation.

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