Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Strength In Numbers

 strength in numbers

Each of us who participates in Operation Integrity has our own personal experience and story, but we celebrate together as one fellowship, a community of survivors who have an intuitive understanding of one another’s experiences. And while our stories and experiences are all different, having unique patterns, behaviors and consequences, we see ourselves reflected in one another. This has taught us to focus on the similarities we share and not the differences. In this way we benefit individually from the total strength the fellowship offers as a whole. To the extent that we participate personally in our recovering community, we benefit from its resources. But it is more than this. Along with the benefits, we share the sufferings and shortcomings of one another at the same time. Anyone who wants to recover from sexual addiction is welcomed and accepted.

from When Lost Men Come Home - not for men only
copyright 2012, David Zailer


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