Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recovery is Both Hard and Simple

Recovery is Both Hard and Simple

Addiction recovery is not fashionable, popular or exclusive. It is hard work and often marked by mishaps and mistakes. (At least that is how it has been for me.) The work of recovery is simple though. All that is required is an authentic desire to change, the courage to be honest and the willingness to do the work. And through personal experience, I’ve become convinced that the primary ingredient needed for recovery from sexual addiction is honest spiritual growth. Every area of a one’s life must become re-oriented spiritually if life is going to be healthy and good for them. 

            As we seek God sincerely, and live transparently with others, we will be better able to face ourselves honestly and know The Source of power that leads us out of the darkness that ruled our lives in the past. When we are willing to face the honest facts about ourselves and take steps necessary to change, we discover an effective spiritual and personal life. We find a solution building and strengthening inside us. And with this strength we can become contributing partners with those around us. With the spiritual put in order, life’s external struggles begin to resolve themselves with amazing simplicity.

from When Lost Men Come Home - not for men only
copyright 2012, David Zailer

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