Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Would you help Operation Integrity help others?

August 21, 2012

Dear Operation Integrity Supporter,

This summer has been blazing, both in temperature and in speed in how the days have flown by. I am in full prep mode for a very busy Fall Season of service and Christ-centered recovery programming, both here in southern California and elsewhere in the US. As I prepare to meet our scheduled obligations, it is clear we will need help and need it fast.

Currently, our scholarship budget is depleted. These scholarships help fund recovery programs for those who show intense diligence in their Operation Integrity recovery program, but who cannot afford it. These scholarships frequently benefit pastors and other clergy whose modest incomes make it impossible for them to cover the costs of their care. With your help, Operation Integrity can continue to help those in need rebuild their life from the inside-out, which in turn heals their marriages, families, churches and re-strengthens them for future ministry.

We also need immediate help for travel expenses. Operation Integrity is sending me out on the road for most of October. While some expenses will be covered by churches and organizations who have invited me to come teach and speak, it is our intention that I visit some of the very small recovery groups that Operation Integrity has planted and grown around the U.S. I will travel to Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Kentucky. I will travel in the most economical way possible, staying with friends and families who are connected with Operation Integrity whenever possible.

We are seeking immediate assistance to cover costs we anticipate to be $7,200.00. I ask that you help us accomplish the work we believe God has laid out for Operation Integrity to do. I also want to thank you  personally for your past support, and ask for your support in prayer, which is always of utmost importance.

Donations can be made conveniently online by going to this link for Operation Integrity…

Or you can mail them to                Operation Integrity
                                                            24040 Camino del Avion #A115
                                                            Monarch Beach CA 92629            

Sincerely yours in Christ and recovery,

David Zailer
Executive Director

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